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Modulen supply

Hi all,

I wanted to try treating a flare with elemental diet. I live in England and through the wonderful NHS, I was prescribed a month's supply of modulen. I didn't tolerate it well so had to switch to other drinks which were much better for me. I found out the pharmacy will not take the unopened modulen as this is policy and all they would do it destroy them. There is nowhere I can take them to give away as they have the growth factor in them and nobody who is well would like them (thought of homeless shelters to give people to help build them up but that would not be feasible). I can't give them away to any healthcare organisations as they are a prescribed item (obviously not the same as giving someone my old Tramadol, as modulen is harmless).

Getting to the point... Any suggestions as to what I can do with 74 tins sat in my house? I don't want to throw them away or have them destroyed by a pharmacy as this is an incredible waste of money and resources. Suggestions welcome!

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Haha, i can understand how you feel! I have so many useless stockpiled prescription drugs lol. About 100 doxycycline pills from back in my acne days, 13 days worth of cipro/flagyl from when the doc gave me them then told me to stop taking them the next day, 2 full brown inhalers and one blue one from when the doctors thought i might have mild asthma a year or so ago...

I really should throw them away but they're way within their expiry date and it just seems like such a waste haha!

Oh and as for suggestions - do you have any friends who are into weight training/exercise that take protein shakes? Maybe they'd be interested in the modulen as a quick post work out meal? I wouldn't usually advocate giving away prescription drugs ofcourse but this case seems relatively harmless.
Thanks for the suggestion. It is definitely a useful post workout shake. My bf could use them if he adds a bit of cocoa to it as he doesn't like the taste of them alone. I used to dislike the taste if not flavoured but then I started to really like it, just a shame it didn't agree with me. The dietician thinks it was more a case of my bowel getting used to the modulen as opposed to not agreeing me which is probably the case.

I will see if people are interested in the modulen at my gym as I train with a group of powerlifters and the lads that train are well into it so would probably use it. Need it out of my house now!

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