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Modulen Weight Gain


After reading these forums for the last month or so I've decided to finally register.

I've recently been diagnosed with Crohn's after a colonoscopy and an ultrasound on my small intestine. I was referred to a dietician who has prescribed me Modulen. They recommend I drink it for 6-8 weeks and I am currently drinking 5 shakes per day which consist of 12 scoops of Modulen and 420mls of water.

I was wondering if I am likely to gain much weight over the 8 week period. I understand this can vary from person to person but I'm keen to hear anyone's past experiences with weight gain when taking Modulen.

Is it 12 scoops and 420ml each shake? I took them as 6 scoops and 210mls of water to make up 250mls of modulen to drink x7 daily. If you have lost quite a bit of weight, so long as you absorb most of it, I think you will gain weight. See if you have a weight increase in 2 weeks and if not then get in touch with the dietician. You should weigh yourself every week on modulen.

As a tip, you can add decaf coffee granules or cocoa powder to give it some flavour and in the mornings I would make a warm modulen coffee which was nice as it was like a latte.

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Thanks for the reply.

I've lost around 2.5 stone in the past 2 year. I now weigh just under 10 stone which is slightly underweight for my age and height.

Yeah I am having 12 scoops and 420 ml in each shake, but getting a little bored of them. I don't like the banana or strawberry flavour which leaves me with a choice of chocolate or hot chocolate.
I've just weighed myself after day 10 and now I weigh 60 kg. I was weighed at hospital last week at 64 kg. The past few days I have been struggling to drink 5 shakes per day and have only been drinking 4. Is it possible to add more scoops and less water making less shakes but with more modulen?
I haven't tried Modulen, but I've been on E028 several times which is similar. I've never gained weight on it, the first time I lost several pounds even though I was drinking the full amount suggested by my dietitian, more recently my weight stayed perfectly stable on it.

I would be worried I wasn't getting enough sustenance if my weight had dropped as much as yours in such a short span of time - it might be worth a call to your dietitian. What is it that's causing you to struggle to drink 5 shakes a day? Fullness? Taste? Time? Changing the ratio of Modulen powder to water probably isn't advisable as you'll change the osmolarity of the drink. I was told not to do so when I was using E028 powder and I'd guess the same would be true with Modulen, though of course it's best to check with your dietitian.
Thank you for your advice. I will call my dietician tomorrow morning. I can easily drink 3 shakes during the day at work as I'm always on my feet, busy and needing a drink. I'm just struggling to drink the other 2 on an evening as I'm less active and I feel like I'm forcing it down. I'm ok with the taste now as I'm used to it.
I used to have the same problem from time to time, I had 8 drinks a day (I think they were either 200ml or 250ml each) and some days I felt like I was having to drink them too quickly and too close together, especially the evening ones. It was fine if I was getting up early for work as I'd start early in order to fit them all in. Have you worked out how frequently you need to be starting a new drink in order to fit them into your average day?

Let us know what the dietitian says. It's possible she might suggest you getting an NG tube fitted so that you can have some of the Modulen over night whilst you're sleeping. I haven't had one, but there are plenty here who have if you want to read up on it.