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I have never tried Modulen, but I was on tube feedings with a different food replacement.

Completely quitting food was very hard for me. Every now and then I did cheat and eat when I shouldn't have.

Before I went on it I was malnourished and underweight, by the time I was done I was well nourished and a bit plump :)
In the end I was taken off of it. While I was healthier in some ways, my Crohn's was still active.


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Well, the website is based in the UK, anyone know if this is available from Nestle in north america? secondly, it's pretty hi in fat content 25%.. that's about 5 times the level I try to stay under each day. I can understand someone plumping up on this stuff. not sure what it would do if there's g/b or pancreas IBD involvement. I also point out (finally) that they claim it's clinically proven to give IBD remission. I'm a bit leery of companies making these claims.
I once asked my doctor about it and he didn't recommned it as it contained milk protein Casein which is hard to digest; it also has lots of sugar which is not particularly good for GI health ..... but I guess that's his opinion....
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Actually, his opinion makes sense. He doesn't stand to profit or lose by either a pro or con stance. Whereas, the 'clinical' studies of Nestle were probably paid for by 'Nestle'... hmmm, does that sound like a possible conflict of interest there???
Well, it turns out that the stuff isn't particularly useful in large bowel Crohn's so I'm just on a low residue diet at the moment. Looks like I'll probably have to have surgery in the near future. I'll be speaking to a surgeon next month.
I got a free trial at one point to try but when I looked at the stuff I didn't take it. I figured anything made my nestle couldn't possibly help me in my health.