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Hey everyone!

I want to try Modulen to give my gutt a rest for a while and see if that helps. Does anyone know if it is available in Canada?? If not, my sister spends a lot of time in Europe for work (mostly Germany but also Switzerland, Austria and Italy)
Where would she look for it there? Would a grocery store have it? Or a pharmacy or health food store??

Thanks for your help!

Ah...this one has just been sitting here all alone! I don't have an answer Ashley - I have never heard of Modulen - is it kinda like Ensure or TPN type stuff?
Wow - what a remission rate!! It is expensive though - and the links I found to buy it didn't actually work (I think you have to have an account with the medical supply places online). Yep - I bet you could get it through the pharmacy.
I think I read that Modulen isn't available in Canada and has now been discontinued in the US. You could try maybe ordering online? It's pretty expensive though unfortunately and would be from overseas = hefty shipping costs too. Elemental 028 cartons/sachets are available in the US still, might be an alternative if you are struggling. Works in a very similar way to the Modulen. Might be worth looking into a bit more as it definitely has great success if you manage to stick with it.

I don't know about the availability of Modulen in any of the named places in Europe sorry. Here in the UK Modulen is prescription only as it's considered a 'medically supervised diet'. I really doubt you'd find it in any grocery stores or health food stores. Pharmacies even have to order it in as it's not a stocked product. When I've taken my prescriptions for it in, in the past it's been a few days before the product has been available to me.
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Thanks guys! It looks like about $20 USD for a can from what I see which doesn't seem so bad.

Anybody that has tried it have any input on the taste??
Does anyone know why its discontinued..I can't find a reason...And when I googled it -- it came up 424.00. WOW! And, it has a mighty big tout! Has anyone used it in addition to their meds? I could use some bulking...I'm loosing weight again! One good wind in MI and I'm gone!!! LOL. Sue

My Butt Hurts

I knew that I read about Modulen on here before, so I did a search for it. I came up with 25 threads that have the word 'Modulen' in them.
Here is a link to that-

Also - I believe that Elemental is similar to Modulen in that it involes bowel rest. If you search SoupDragon's posts, she was on it for quite a while.
(I could be wrogn there, but I *think* they are similar.)
Also - you could ask your GI for a recommendation - there might be something else similar.
Wow it is expensive! 424.....I hope the $20 one is the real stuff but if it works thats great and worth it then whether $20 or $424. But I am curious also as to why its discontinued.
Ashley said:
Anybody that has tried it have any input on the taste??
It's disgusting in its natural state! You really need to flavour it, then it's fine - Nestle make flavourings to go with it which are available to buy or you can use standard coffee/milkshake syrups. It's also much better cold and/or blended with ice. I've done both the Modulen and Elemental diets twice each. It wasn't that bad on the whole - I'd do it again. Once you get past the first week it's plain sailing.

Reason for discontinuation of Modulen in the US I think is because they started pushing Peptamen instead. The Modulen also didn't sell well in the US because enteral nutrition doesn't seem like a popular choice to treat Crohn's by GIs across the pond.
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modulen ibd

hi,im in the uk and have just started modulen ibd.it doesnt taste to bad as you can flavour it.its just like milkshake realy.you get coffee,strawberry,chocolate,lemon and lime and banana.also you can use crusha milkshake mix.hope this helps you.its about 10pounds uk per tin but you can get it on prescription if thats any help.
My daughter had 8 weeks on Modulen last year (just after diagnosis) along with Pentasa and Omeprazole.....no solid food at all. She hated it, and would only go with the banana flavouring. She was on a tin a day (8 shakes) and the weight started to go back on...it was a better option for her at the time than going on steroids. Not sure how she'd feel if she had to go back on it though. The pharmacy here didn't stock it, and the GP messed up the prescription numerous times. We've just returned about 30 cans of Modulen and 300 tubs of flavouring......