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Moldable rings - how do YOU apply them?

I've been experimenting with Eakin rings and I was curious to hear how others apply their moldable rings. I've only applied it around my stoma, and then applied the wafer over top, but I'm starting to think that applying it to the wafer first might be a better way to go - specifically, cutting the hole in the wafer slightly larger than usual and allowing the moldable ring to ride up slightly up on the stoma - almost like how the Salts dermacol product works.

What's worked best for you guys? And what brand(s) do you find to work best?


I use your technique because that way it's a snug fit and comfortable. If i mold it on the barrier it might be too tight or loose. I think most people mold it on the barrier but I prefer it on me first.


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Hi. I put them on the wafer and apply. Then I put stoma powder between the stoma and ring. The ring will/should mold nicely around the stoma.
I use a 1 piece deep convex bag. I use my eakin rings on the bag itself. Usually don't have a problem that way.
For those who are putting it directly on the bag, are you making it so the ring "rides up" a bit on the stoma or is flat with the skin?
what I'm doing is putting the moldable ring on the bottom half of the cutout and using stoma paste for the top. I have a somewhat difficult stoma placement and it takes A LOT to make a decent seal.
I have been putting the ring on the wafer, not that I am having much luck with this as I'm still having leaks, but that is what the nurse showed me. Might have to try some of these other tips!