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Anyone tried or heard new updates on the new experimental medicine Mongersen for UC/Crohn's? How was the experience? I've heard it has a lot of promise.

I heard its in phase 3 for Crohn's....does that mean it might be released soon?
San Diego
Mongersen is an antisense oligonucleotide that blocks the inflammatory effect in the terminal ileum. It's very encouraging at this point, but it's still early days. It will be several years before there is any chance of this being approved by FDA.

Most of the big name IBD docs are waiting to see some confirmatory studies and data before they jump on any bandwagon, but it does look good enough that Celgene invested $2.6 billion.
I found a press article about the outcome of one of the study phases a while ago, which said that the remission rates were even higher than the cortisone ones. It sounded like THE miracle drug, in that article. Sounds very promising at least, can't wait!
According to research, this drug sounds very promising, taking into account that it addresses the TGF-β1 pathway which hasn't been targeted before.

To be realistic, two professors that I consulted both are not convinced of that drug. In their studies the remission rate is quite low and they both assume that the remission rates that were first published were a bit - let's say - improved. There are always ways if you let someone drop out for a reason while the true reason is that in this group remission is more difficult to achieve etc.
A friend of mine participated in that trial, open label, but did not see any improvements, so he was switched to another clinical trial now (Abbvie).

Looks as if Mongersen is not going to be the revolution everyone has been waiting for.
My gi told me that there is some excitement that this drug may "cure" crohn's. Said something about an article in New England Journal of Medicine I believe.

Hope it proves to be helpful.