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Monsanto causing illness with GMO in food

I think Monsanto sucks. I think GMO plays a huge part in illnesses. That is why I voted for including GMO info on labels. However, I don't really trust anything FDA has to say either.
I believe it! It is scary what they put in the food that we eat.. I try and eat as organic as I possibly can. I also will not eat any meats that were rasied on antibitoics and hormones. It is more expensive to eat this way, but worth it in my opinion. There has been an influx of more and more people popping up with these diseases and there has got to be a reason.. Also I have noticed that kids especially girls are developing way to early. Some research is saying that it is due to the hormones they are feeding the cows.. So yeah, I can believe that the crap they are adding to our food is causing a ton of health issues..

QUOTE=Mr. Ziggy;527157]What do you guys think...


Voting is tomorrow[/QUOTE]