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Moon face on Entocort?

Hi there,

I've been on Entocort for a little over a year (tried to taper a couple of times...). Hopefully will be switching to a biologic in the next month or so. I know Entocort is supposed to have fewer side effects than Prednisone because it doesn't act systemically, but is it possible that after this long on it I could be getting a moon face? I am a completely healthy weight, 5'5" 134 lbs, which is the top of my normal range but nothing unusual. I've never had a really plump chin but I've noticed I have a bit of a double chin, a bit of fat there! Completely confused, feels like it came out of nowhere. Maybe this is just what happens at age 29? If it is a side effect of the Entocort, would it go away when I switch meds? Thanks in advance for not judging my vanity...


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If it is a side effect, it will go away once you stop Entocort.

My daughter got a slightly puffy face on Entocort, after she was on it for several months. It was nowhere near as bad as the "moon face" she has with Prednisone - that was much worse and way more noticeable. But her face was definitely rounder and puffier on Entocort (9 mg).

Once she started tapering Entocort and finally stopped it, her face went back to normal. Hang in there!