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More confused than ever.....

So i just went to my GP for the first time since my colonoscopy. Apparantly i have ulcers in my rectum, they're calling proctitis, which may or may not be due to an underlying IBD. While the rest of the colonoscopy was rather normal, the pathologist's findings were inconclusive, and they are recommending it be redone.
So basically, back to waiting around. :voodoo: :voodoo: :voodoo:

I'm so freaking done with waiting around though! He also seemed concerned with how sick i've been with colds and what not, and doesn't want to put me on pred. because of that, especially because i'm still fighting off my bronchitis right now. He did, however, prescribe Cipro and Flagyl, to start when i'm done my Biaxin, in the hopes that helps a bit. He figures the GI will want to order an endoscopy or pill cam or something, but my GP doesn't want to do that himself, he wants me to see the GI....In 4 1/2 weeks. :ybatty: :(

Well, at least it didn't show nothing, which is what they told me in the hospital, more just didn't show definitive signs. Also, my CRP is elevated, but not super elevated, so i could be inflamed, or i could not be. ARGH!:depressed:
Hey - I know it is frustrating - but it IS a little bit of progress. That Cipro/Flagyl combo is a common thing to give us Crohnies, so they are at least trying to test things - while not doing the prednisone to mess you up even more. I'd work on getting yourself as healthy as you can (with the respiratory crap) so that if they need to put you on pred or something else to see if things get quieted down they will at least feel like that is an option. Take care of that booty - it sounds like an unhappy booty :O(


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Tamesis.....I maybe wrong, but rectal ulcers can be either from UC or Crohn's...I think there are some people here who mainly have rectal involvement....Maybe start a thread asking if anyone else has those symptoms as well.....You know, they usually treat the rectal stuff with cortisone foam enemas/ suppositories.....

I know you are frustrated, but there is something abnormal is going on. I can't wait for you to see the GI again!
Hmm, I forgot about the foam - maybe the GP would be willing to give that a go? Pam - didn't you have an issue with a bump around your bum as well? I can't remember what the outcome was with that.
I just googled proctitis, and found it in itself is actually classed as an IBD, and can also occur due to a gluten intolerance....and one of the other things they think i have is Celiac.....Hmmm, i wonder if we should put it all together doc's!

I have a lot of pain in my left butt cheek, but there's no real bump or reason for it....The doc says it's probably not related. He said it was mild and didn't suggest treatment for it, but maybe that'd be worth a try...I don't know, it doesn't really bother me though, i just see it as a link to whatever else is up. Strange though that it's a symptom of both the things they're investigating me for, yet nobody's really got any sort of conclusion. My doc said that even if i do have crohns, if it's so mild they can't find it conclusively in the biopsies then it shouldn't be causing me pain....Is that nescessarly the case? Couldn't that just mean the Crohns is somewhere else, and the proctitis is not diseased tissue, but more a symptom?
I think thats the way I started too, but they said right away I had UC. I was put on Asacol right away, as far as I know thats what it is designed to do, reduce inflimation and ulcers in the rectum. They also tried me on salofalk, I think its designed to do the same.

Yeah it sucks waiting but atleast you are going to see a proper GI not just your GP. I cant believe he didnt just refer you right away.
oh, i did see a GI for the colonoscopy and a consult, i just don't see him again after the colonoscopy for 4 1/2 weeks, so he wanted to see me in the meantime.
I just don't get that! I guess it is the national healthcare thingy? My GI would want to see me right after the scope (seperate appt when I am awake LOL!) to make a game plan. Seems like once you get in - they'd want to do continued care for you. blah!
The waiting game sucks. Took me well over a year to get diagnoised originally.

Maybe you should look into a gluten free diet in the mean time to see if that offers some relief. Hopefully the Cipro/Flagyl help you out. Stay away from the booze with the Flagyl.
LOL, you guys have my back, that's for sure! I wrote this all out and was like "I can't believe i'm telling these people about my rectal ulcers and want to meet them!" LOL.

Yeah, at first i thought he said 6 weeks because he wanted the results of the biopsy to be back, but they're in.....I dunno, when i came out of the scope he said all was normal, so maybe he didn't think anything of it. Stupid national healthcare! It has it's perks, but also it's downfalls for sure.
Grrrr. to these health problems!! I am sorry "tamesis" has to go through this...I feel bad for us all. I don't understand the health care thing...why do they make you wait for an appt? Its totally wrong to make an unhealthy person wait...Grrr to them alll...Sue
All of the waiting you've already done ... and now more waiting? Good grief!!

Have you taken cipro/flagyl before? I think I will just ask someone to shoot me before I do them again, myself. *shudder* I know that they don't bother everyone, I hope you will do great on them! :)

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I practically lived on Cipro and Flagyl, we dropped the Cipro and stayed on Flagyl but not full dosage. I am not a drinker so the flagyl is fine. Just hate the metallic taste and fuzzy tongue.
Aw boo for metallic taste and fuzzy tongue!! I'm dealing with that right now with the Biaxin i'm taking. oh well, if it works, i'll take it! I think i'm going to call the GI tomorrow and see if i can get in sooner.....worth a try i guess. :) Thanks again for your support everyone, it really helps me sort through what's going on.
yup, you can have (proctitis, inflammation of the rectom) from either CD or UC...typically though, UC starts in the rectom and tends to move up (to the colon), CD tends to start in the TI (lower part of the small intestine where the large intestines joins) but of course nothing is written in stone, my CD started with the perianal crohn's skin tags and then went internally from there (the rectom, colon and TI as well as the anus with the tags, all at one time they were present).

Be sure to update, hope all goes well, and definitely ask for the rectal meds (cortifoam enema are the only rectal meds that work for me)....the sooner, the better.