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Morning feed

Hey guys n gals....
Just wondering how long you lot take to be able to eat breakie without it running out you....i can make myself some toast in the morning within 5 minutes sometimes less im running to the loo but sometimes if i have peanut butter and jam instead of butter it goes a lot longer....

I only eat white bread so its not even due to the fibre thing....some cereal stays in for hours like rice crispies or corn flakes....I really do need to find that happy medium as i go cycling a few mornings and need the energy but not the hassle of jumping into the bushes for the "call of nature" esp in this bloody weather...

Freeze my wee bits off so i would....:D
Weird, I find I'm in the mornings sometimes, usually always formed, I think it's just a Matter of letting the bowels free themselves of food, are you sure it's your breakfast?
yip as lunch time and dinner time im fine,my guts seem to be alive with the sound of music in the AM.....as soon as i eat in the morning im ready to S***
Haha, I'm usually the same unless I use the vaporizer, but mines solid so I think if it was going thru that fast it'd be liquid coz the intestines wouldn't be able to absorb the nutrients, so depending on form of stool, could be either the breakfast goin through you, or your bowel just emptying