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Mouth/lip swelling

Has anyone experienced swelling on the inner surface of their mouth (around the edge of the mouth) with small bumps where the swelling is? Just curious if that is related to the Crohn's as one side of my face continues to be swollen along with looking like I had lip injections;-)


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Yes! Mouth ulcers and swelling is very common! Cankers, cold sores, fever blisters. They is nasty things ;). There are many threads on this and I get t hem too but mine go away. Sometimes mine come out when I am on antibiotics. Rincing with peroxide, 50/50 diluted helps,but I use a tube of stuff that works for me. :hang: Check with your doctor ok?

At least it's good to know that they are common .... I think. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend!

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