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Mouth sores

I was wondering what mouth sores caused by Crohn's are like? Can they happen on your gums?

I have a spot that is quite sore. I have had soreness in this spot before. The first time I thought it might just be gingivitis or something, but it went away. Now several months later I have soreness in the exact same spot. I was wondering if it may be Crohn's related or not.
Whether it is Crohn's related or not, it is most likely a bacterial infection.

One more use for the MMS or Chlorine Dioxide treatment I used, was to get rid of bad mouth bacteria. I have always had a problem with bleeding gums, no matter how well I brush, floss, etc. I was swishing the Chlorine Dioxide in my mouth before swallowing it and my gums are normal for the first time since I was a child. No more bleeding or gum problems. Apparently, it was a low grade bacterial infection that never would go away on its own.

There is even mouth wash with this same chemical in it, although in a low concentration. While, I would not recommend using Chlorine Dioxide in your mouth for months, since it could harm the enamel with extended use, it is one of the most powerful bacteria killers available. If you used it for a week, that should take care of any mouth sores.

Dan Bergman