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Mouth/throat ulcers

Anyone else have Crohns Ulcers that crop up in the roof of the mouth or worse still in the throat? So painful, but worse the pain seems to congregate in my head as well, as if the inflammation spreads upwards. Absolute agony. I'm currently using paracetamol & codeine & even ibuprofen gel rubbed into my scalp. Had bloods done today in case the ulcer is infected. Awful pain.
Sorry for your pain and your horrors with crohns. I have sever crohns since very young and so much horrors, I have never had that happen, Im so sorry to hear.All we can all do is deal with what crohns gives us as BEST as we can[without complaining] to much,lol.. I HOPE the best in you future Im sure youll get the right help soon just keep telling doctors