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Mouth ulcers, a sign of an inflamatory bowel condition ?

Hello, do you suffer from frequent mouth ulcers ? Aren't they a pain. I brush my teeth, gargle with salty water, avoid crisps and acidic foods, ( most of the time) and the little blighters still plague me. Not life threatening, not terminal but how can you apply frosty lipstick and feel pretty ? For job interviews and dating, a real downer. Your stories and treatments most welcome. Thanks.
Hi there- I sometimes get mouth ulcers when i have a flare up or am about to get one- I did find Listerine Total Care helped .


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I used to get really bad mouth ulcers (stomatitis).....thankfully I don't get them often any more, however I do still break out in cold sores fairly regularly - everything from tiny ones to eraser-sized ones (OUCH!).....I think they are stress-related, and also related to sun exposure.


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My daughter gets mouth ulcers when she is in a really bad flare. She got some special mouth wash from the GI. It’s a mix of I think 3 different things. Maybe someone here knows the name of it. I am not home but will check when I get home. It needs a prescription
I would get them very often before I was fortunate enough to achieve remission. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to prevent them, but I would rise with salt water 3x-4x a day to soothe them. If I thought one of them was getting infected, I would use a diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse.