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Mouth Ulcers and Sores may be caused by toothpaste.....

Just an FYI. A common ingredient in most toothpaste's can be the cause of mouth and gum sores. My dentist had brought it up and I also read about in a Men's Health article.

The ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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Whilst they maybe true, my dentist yesterday mentioned that Crest total is causing alot of sensitivies, I have tried ALL sensitive toothpaste and the only one that doesn't make my lips peel is Colgate sensitive!

AS for ulcers, that can be true however Crohns minor side effects are sore tongue and cankers, toothpaste or not we get them from time to time. Mine show up on Flagyl which is known to cause ulcers.
My rhemy clames that natural toothpastes help. I have not been impressed.
Though changing my tooth brush regulary and at very well timed moments (that day in-between healing and the new one) seems to slow them down a little.
I just wish i could get them off my tongue, then i would be happy. :tongue: