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Mouth ulcers as early symptom?

I have been having issues since July. I got severe diarrhea for 6 weeks... did all the stool tests - all negative. Diarrhea went away for a while. Came back over Christmas, and is ongoing, although usually only once or twice a day. However, I have had TERRIBLE mouth ulcers several times over the past few months. Right now I have 5 of them, and I also have sore lymph nodes under my chin. It’s so frustrating!!! I can barely eat!! I have an appt with a GI next month (I’m in Alberta - wait times are awful). I’m contemplating seeing my dentist to see if I can get a mouthwash in the meantime. Anyone else have mouth ulcers as an early symptom?? I feel I’m too old to get Crohn’s (41).... Any thoughts?! Thank you!
San Diego
To begin with, you are not too old to get Crohn's. I was significantly older than 41 when I got diagnosed.

The mouth ulcers could be a sign of Crohn's but to the best of my knowledge they are not a common sign or common first sign of Crohn's. However, one thing I have learned for sure is that no two cases of Crohn's are exactly alike. I've had some uncommon manifestations of Crohn's myself.

The typical mouth ulcers are aphthous lesions - the same kind of ulcers commonly found in the large or small bowel in Crohn's disease. Aphthous ulcers are considered to the milder type of Crohn's lesions. Serious active Crohn's, upon colonoscopy, often shows much larger, more inflamed, and bloodier ulcers than the typical mouth ulcers.

What you really need is a colonoscopy so the doc can get to see what is really going on down there. I hope you GI can get you into the colonoscopy suite right away once you finally get to your appointment.
Yes, mouth ulcers are DEFINITELY an early warning sign. I had terrible mouth ulcers - next thing I knew I was in the hospital. You need to take action now.