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Mouth Ulcers?

Ok new problem...

My mouth is now full of ulcers along my gum line. (Between cheek and teeth (below the teeth.) That crevice down there.

Anyone else get this before? I remember a few remicade treatments ago someone else said the had gotten these before.
Check the mouth ulcers thread on the poll board. It's common. It's a major component of a lot of people's diagnosis, like mine. Even though my colonoscopy didn't show ulcers it showed inflammation and my mouth was breaking out in ulcers all the time. Crohn's can cause ulcers anywhere in the digestive tract and your lips and everything beyond them are part of your digestive tract.
Thanks Colt. I didn't think to search the board *smacks forehead.* Sorry when not feeling 100% my brain isn't working 100%.

I think I'm functioning on about 38% today.
outh Ulcers = Yup!

I have had crohns since dx in 1999. I had my worst flare in Nov and ulcers appeared on the roof of my mouth and on my guns for the very first time ever. Painful. One string bean felt like a hundred bees stinging me.

I also had gingivitis with all the inflammation. A tooth filling fell out. My Dentist says he never saw anything like it.

It lasted a couple of weeks. Ulcers appeared in three spots on my face as well. I believe Prednisone in high doses 60 - 10 taper helped me. Everything healed without a scar.

I have since had a foot of intestines removed and no longer flaring. I hope the mouth ulcers heal.

My Dentist told me to gargle with either salt water or peroxide and water 1 part to 3.

The nurse at the hospital told me to use Listerine and Dentist says that is the worst thing as it irritates and stops the healing.

I hope you heal soon!
Thanks Pen. I may have to sched an appoint with my DR if it doesn't improve soon.

I'll gargle with warm salt water tonight.
Mouth wash will disinfect the wound and keep it from getting infected. If it's infected it's not going to heal well. If you keep it disinfected it should heal quite rapidly. There is a chemical in mouth wash that can increase mouth ulcers in some people but it's highly unlikely. Mouth wash is usually just rubbing alcohol with some other things to make it bareable. It works by killing the bacteria that produce acid as a process of their digestion and result in 'tooth decay.' It's no different from wiping a sore on your skin with alcohol.
that is exactly where i got them too kittee!
right in the crevice at the bottom of your cheek under your teeth. food tends to get stuck in there when you eat- just a tad painful.
sorry to say i never found anything to help. just avoiding acidity as Pen said too. lemons and vinegar made it hurt more. mine are a bit better now for some reason, even though the rest of my inflammation hasnt calmed.
never tried the salt water thing, but maybe itll help? i hope so
Never got them myself as of yet, but i Just thought, have you tried orajel maybe? It is for mouth sores and toothaches. Other than that the warm salt water might not taste good, but it will help heal it faster and is supposed to help cut down on pain. Like I said, not sure because this is one problem I've not been faced with, but when I had my wisdom teeth cut out.. well that was an open wound and didn't exactly tickle =/
Don't over do it on the peroxide though. It does weaken your teeth in exchange for making them look more white. The teeth whitening gels and such usually only contain a small fraction of the concentration in a bottle of peroxide. I've seen people be pretty stupid and use a bottle of peroxide just like it was a bottle of mouth wash. In those concentrations you're also risking some serious poisoning if you accidentally swallow it too.
yea, but as far as any type of "treatment" for a Crohns symptom, I must say that whiter teeth is seriously one of few GOOD side effects :lol:
Well this morning the ulcers have shifted to the front of my mouth, and are currently between my bottom front teeth and my gum. Talk about hurt. They are on that little ridge that is in the center of the inside of your bottom lip. OWWIE
Gosh they are all inside my mouth now. I can hardly move my tongue.

This sucks. Hehe. Brushing my teeth is absolutely painful.
I get that bad also. same way can't even brush teeth. drink lots and lots of water. then I buy this stuff called anasol mouth wash and it helps lots and lots. its for mouth sores. its hard to find. its in a box with little packs and you use one pack at a time.
Gosh dang, I almost choked this morning on tea. My tongue has giant yellow blister like ulcers along its sides where it touches your teeth.

I'm going psycho nuts. I considered calling my DR. this morning but I figured that would be a silly reason to call.

My husband is asking me to start up Pred again. SIGH. I refuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mouth ulcers would push me over the edge right now hahaha.

Seriously, I think you need to get that checked out. Those seem to be getting worse and I don't think it would be a silly reason to contact the Dr at all. Now the pred... once I'm off it I am so never looking back, and I don't blame you for not wanting to either.
Kittee i agree with mRae, i think a doc should take a look at those ulcers. it may be that you need an anti-fungal or antibiotic treatment, not particulary pred, to treat it. good luck! i hope it settles soon!
YAY! I was suffering these too before my last infusion but mine are finally gone, I used Oralgel mouthwash and regular mouthwash... although the alcohol stings really bad, it feels a LOT better afterwards.
That's what I bought too... it kinda tastes like toilet bowl cleaner... but it seems to be a very good cleaner and even through it burns a bit, it seems to calm down the pain.

I don't mind the taste and the burn is pretty bad but afterwards its such a weird numb, swollen feeling lol. Numb is good though!

Right now I'm using scalding hot coffee to sear off the suckers. LOL

Think I've had these ulcers for what now? a month? Its ridiculous.