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Moving Abroad while on Remicade - South America

Hi! New to this forum but looking for anyone who might have ideas/advice for moving abroad with Crohn's!

I'm from the US and have a moderate case of Crohn's that has been kept really well under control for the past 6 years with Remicade infusions every 7 weeks. In 2016 I studied abroad in Chile and the travel insurance offered through my school covered 100% of my infusions abroad as I was part of a group plan.

Now I am trying to return to Chile for a year or so but really having trouble finding any expat/travel insurance options that will cover me, and have more or less lost hope that there exists any insurance company that would take me on as an individual (as opposed to part of a group plan). I've looked into the in-country healthcare in Chile as well but that seems complicated/I'm not sure they would take me on as a foreigner with a pre-existing condition.

Is there anyone who has had experience moving abroad and receiving infusions? Are there alternatives to travel insurance plans that folks have had success with?