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MRE Results

Lynda Lynda

I had an MRE a week ago. Of course my G.I. office has not called me yet. So I called the imaging place and they sent me the report. Can anyone help me with understanding these results.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease [ stricture and inflammation of the terminal Ileum. ] I am getting a colonoscopy this August. The MRE and colonoscopy are being done this year because in March of this year I started having changes in bowel habits, although I seem to be feeling better now I am glad to get these tests done.




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This basically says that it looks like you have Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum region of the small bowel (the part just prior to the large bowel) with skip lesions, i.e. discontinuous patches of Crohn's inflammation and/or ulcers.

There appears to be a stricture (a narrowing of bowel due to inflammation or scarring) that has formed toward the far end the small bowel.

The good news is there is no sign of abscess or fistulae (perforations) in the small bowel, indicating that the disease has not extended through all the tissue layers of the small bowel, but is mostly confined to the inner lining and layers of the bowel.

The "spiculation" means that the inflamed area had branches or arms radiating out from the center into surrounding bowel issue, but again there were no signs of abscess or fistula.