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MRE vs. CT with Enterography

Hello! I was supposed to get a MRE this morning, only to find out (after drinking the prep) that the hemostasis clip from my colonoscopy has been hanging on for 3 months, so they would not complete the test. I did have paperwork from the doctor that it was MR conditional, but they explained that there is still too high a risk? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways, since it could be a couple (or months) for the clip to pass, my doctor said I could get a CT with enterography instead. Will this show the same level of detail?

The doctor was hoping to see the level of scar tissue because she thinks my pain is not being caused by my Crohn's but possibly scar tissue or a complication from my appendectomy. She reviewed my past MRE results, which were detailed enough to show scar tissue. Will a CT with enterography be helpful or would it be better to wait? Thank you!

my little penguin

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I know for soft neck tissue surgery ent prefers ct scans because of the level of detail needed

My kiddo had two abdominal Ct scans (cte ) one before dx and one after
After that they switched to MRE because of radiation he would get
He was dx at 7

One cte should show detail needed
But definitely ask your Gi


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I would ask your GI but we were told a CTE would show scar tissue or an obstruction (my daughter was in the hospital for a suspected obstruction at the time). It does have to be a CTE specifically (where you drink contrast as well as have IV contrast) and not just an abdominal CT (which is done without drinking contrast). A CTE is a lot more radiation than an MRI, but if the radiologist does not think it's safe, then it might be your best option.