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MRI Enterography

I am scheduled to undergo an MRI with gadolinium for a recent crohn's flare. I am having some reservations since I already had 2 MRI scans before. Should I ask my GI to schedule me just with oral contrast? I've just been reading various reports of long term toxicity with repeated MRIs. Any thoughts? Also, since I will probably need MRIs throughout my life due to the chronic nature of this condition, I am just thinking that I should probably reserve the contrast for when I need it most.

my little penguin

Staff member
They need the gallulidium /glycogen to stop the gut movement and enhance the tissue so they can see it -tell if there is inflammation
A regular mri with contrast isn’t going to give the right image
Everything in life has risks
Determining the extent of inflammation is worth it
So much so my kiddo is allergic to barium /contrast /gallulidium and glycogen so getting an MRE is beyond risking
It’s still done with two days of iv steroids prior so that good images can be obtained
Just not often