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MRI Small Bowel Test When No Symptoms?

Hey! First post ever so hope I'm doing this right...

I have been told I'm going to be given an MRI small bowel scan to see if they can solidify a diagnosis of Crohns but I'm worried that, if I'm not flaring, nothing will show? Is that the case? Or does inflammation hang around etc? Are there markers there when you're in a no symptom state?

I'm sure this sounds really stupid but it's been playing on my mind as I'm flaring atm and almost wish I could get the test done right now?

I've been trying to get the Doctors to listen to me for over a year and they still won't so it's important that they can check their little box?
It really depends. Are you on any medication? What other tests have you had? What are your symptoms when things are bad? And what do your doctors think you have right now? The MRI can find active inflammation but will also probably show any scarring/strictures. There is definitely more to see if you have tests during a flare, but am MRI can pick up any damage that’s already been done.
yes even if you are not flaring, mri can see if there is silent inflammation going on, or traces of disease activity. dont worry.
Thanks so much for your replies! I would have gotten back to you sooner but I ended up having to go and see and OOH doctor. He gave me buscopan for the pain and lofepramide for the toilet issue. He also said he’d put in a suggestion for a CTE rather than an MRI... What is the difference?

Jabee - So far I’ve had stool tests (raised calprotectin levels), blood tests (showing inflammation) and a flexible sidmoscopy of my large bowel with biopsies taken (all clear). As for my symptoms they’re pretty much: diarrhea (20+ times a day), blood wrapped in tissue in the stool, swollen stomach, lots of gas, severe abdominal pain, lower back pain and fatigue. Doctors all seem to believe it reads like small intestinal crohns? But they want the scan to be sure.

Guerrero - thanks so much for the reassurance! Fingers crossed they find what they’re looking for.
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