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MRI without contrast, faulty echo?


Before Crohn's was regarded as a possibility, my doctor had send me for an echo because of swelling and pain in the lower belly region. She thought it was something with my ovary.

The radiologist who did the echo said it was a swollen ovary but the gyno said there was no such thing. She ordered an MRI for my uterus and ovaries but nothing was found, only constipation (?!).

My MRI was done without contrast. Could this have affected the diagnosis??
Could the radiologist have misdiagnosed something as 'swollen ovary' because of confirmation bias?

The fact that there was/is factual swelling in the lower belly region, even something seen on echo, makes me suspicious.

The supposedly swollen ovary was seen in December 2017, the Constipation in April 2017, it's impossible that the swollen ovary was actually the constipation.

After I went to my GP for my perianal fistula (followed after abscess) she suspects that I do have IBD though. Have an appointment with a Gastro Enterologist within 3 weeks.