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Mt Sinai - Ileostomy Appliance Method

Hi new fellow ostomates,
I just wanted to share the method Mt Sinai started me on, and take lots of comments and suggestions.

They use the Hollister New Image Cut to Fit Two Piece.
They give this ordering list to start out:
14603 - New Image Cut to Fit Flange
18123 -New Image Pouch
25542 - Convatec Stomahesive Strips
25510 - Convatec Stomahesive Power

They suggest these suppliers:
Byram Healthcare and Edgepark Medical.

I just called Byram and placed my initial order.

Here is their method in a nut shell:
  • Measure stoma leaving 1/8 inch space around hole and stoma.
  • Trace hole onto the flange and cut out the hole.
  • Fold Stomahesive strip lengthwise and apply around the hole in the flange.
  • Apply flange and stick it down.
  • Fill edges between stoma and inner edge of flange with Stomahesive powder.
  • Then just snap on the bag.

So far that seems pretty simple. I have had some slight itching and irritation around my appliance. Right now as I have been lying down for a while, it feels fine, but earlier it was bugging me as I was up and around. Does the weight and tuging of a filling bag make it itch or irritate?
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The fuller your bag gets, the more it's going to pull on the flange. You can wear a belt if you find it bothers you that much. Personally, I just wear spandex shorts under my clothes so that the bag stays put. Fortunately for me, I don't need to use the paste or strips around my flange (haven't used any for 6 weeks now and my skin is fine!). But then again, I have a colosotomy not an ileostomy.

Glad to see you back Joe...hope you're doing well :)
Hi Joe, good to hear you've got the hang of your bag changes.

I don't use the stomahesive strips or powder, but other than that I do the same as you. Are you having skin probs around your stoma? I thought you only needed the strips for uneven skin and the powder for weeping skin.

Hope you carry on doing well :)

Lyndsey xx
hey cdd, yep they sent me home with the EXACT same method. couple things:

just FYI, if you go with edgepark you can order online 24/7. with byram you have to order withing business hours i think.

pretty soon i found the stomahesive strips to be hindering rather than helping. if a little bit of water found its way under in the shower, the strips melt very quickly and that annoyed me. also it didnt seem to stick as well because of how the strip lifted the flange off my tummy you know? once i stopped using it, it seemed a bit better but thats just me, maybe they will fit better for you