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MTHFR mutation, folic acid, homocysteine and b12 levels

Hi. I've been tested for mthfr gene mutation and the result came back positive for C677T (heterozygous).

I've been taking a vitamin b-50 complex (which has folic acid and cobalamin) for months every day.

My serum folic acid and homocysteine levels are all within range. My B12 is high.

Since my serum folic acid and serum homocysteine levels are all fine, does that mean I don't need to supplement with methylfolate?

I thought, when you have this mutation, these parameters would be out of range.

Any thoughts?
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Hey, sorry you haven't had any answers yet

Unfortunately I don't know much about the specific gene mutation, but generally if your nutrient levels are OK most doctors would advise supplementation isn't needed.

If you've been on the supplements a few months then I would think its possible that your levels were a bit low when you first started and are now OK, but its also possible that the levels were ok all along. I would recommend talking to your doctor about the results, especially in regard to your gene tests, and see what they think about continuing supplementation as sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, so taking additional supplements when they aren't needed can actually cause more problems.

They may recommend leaving things as they are as a protective measure, or they might suggest coming off the supplements for now and retesting your blood periodically to see how you're coping. They may want to check to be sure that it is the supplements causing the high B12, as sometimes this signals a problem with the kidneys or liver as usually excess levels would be expelled through the urine.

I hope this is a little useful, I'm sorry I can't give you more specific advice.