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MTX And Sun Exposure

Just wondering what everyone's experience is with MTX and sun exposure.
were in summer here in Australia and I want to spend as much time as I can outside.
If I spend any amount of time in the sun I get wiped out and exhausted even when covered up with hat, sunscreen no exposed skin. I am in Virginia, USA.
Stay out of the sun while on mtx! There is a big warning on it that it makes you very sun sensitive. I've had 4 bouts of skin cancer since being on it, one particularly menacing on my face. The skin cancer surgeon said to me when he saw me, "oh, Methotrexate, that's why you're here! "
I've been on Remicade for 9 months, just started MTX two weeks ago. I've never been sun sensitive, rarely burn, live in florida. As I've gotten older, I'm more cautious with sun exposure overall. I am curious how I will respond/react to the sun now that I'm taking MTX too. I plan to use sunscreen, avoid the hottest part of the day, but I don't plan on giving up pool days. Hopefully I won't have too. Also have my annual skin check next month, have never had an issue before.
I'm not on MTX anymore but us crohnies have more chance of skin cancers/problems so even when I'm not on MTX I have too be careful in the sun and living in Australia we have some intense UV rays out here so double edged sword I guess.