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MTX mainenance survey

I am currently injecting 25mg of MTX per week for active Crohn's and things seem to have gotten better with the Crohn's, bowel movements etc, but the MTX side effects aren't fun.
I am having a colonoscopy next week and if things look good then I am hoping to convince my GI to lower the amount of MTX to 12.5mg.
The reason I am posting is to find out about folks who are on MTX for maintenance and how much the are taking in shot form. My GI doesn't think pills are of any use. So if you could let me know what level of injection you are taking for maintenance that would be great.
I am. I am expecting a good colonoscopy report and expecting him to reduce the MTX dosage to 12.5mg and thought I'd find out if other Crohn's patients, having been on the 12.5mg dosage and have less side effects with the same benefits.
I'm on a maintenance dose of 12.5 mg weekly injections. Will stay on as long as tolerated according to my GI. It's been about 3.5 years now. Side effects are lessened but I still have the odd 'bad needle' day. Taking folic acid daily helps a lot, rather than once a week. Good luck.