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Mucoid plaque-Real or Fake???

I feel another debate is in order!

Mucoid plaque, also known as mucoid rope is the topic.
At the end of this thread I will give a link that I found.

Grace my three year old has had what I now beleive to be this mucoid plaque.
Her stool since Friday has been filled with rubber like mucus.
However, I'm still unsure about the meaning of it all.
Some say that this is just a ploy to sell products and
others say this is medical problem.

If this is fake, than why does Grace have this problem???
Does this have to do with Leaky Gut?
Have you ever heard of this?
What do you all think?




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I am saying fake.

Of course I don't disbelieve for one second that Grace has mucous in her stool but I am strongly in the belief that the 'mucoid plaque' that you linked to is false.

Mucoid (mucous) plaque (sticky deposit) is purely a descriptive term so if there was a particular feature that is mucoid plaque why isn't it used when describing the findings of scopes. No one has anything to gain or lose by suppressing the notion of mucoid plaque just as they don't by saying the bowel is inflamed, has stranding, granuloma's, apthoid ulcers and so on. The bowel has a layer of mucous membrane and it will produce excess mucous in certain conditions and in my mind that mucous presentation is likely as varied as when x amount of people cough it up out of their lungs...it can be frothy, watery, thick, rubbery and all manner of colours.

Anyhoo, my two cents worth based on one article. :ybiggrin:

Dusty. xxx


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I tend to agree with Dusty (but don't tell her that). Especially in Grace's case. I totally believe she has this mucus and that it isn't fake but writing it off as easily dealt with by a colon cleansing product would do her and many others with other symptoms of possible IBD a disservice. As a matter of fact, I recently read something that said colon cleansing should NOT be done as it interferes with the gut flora by washing the good stuff all away...but don't quote me as I haven't done my obsessive mom research on the matter..mostly because colon cleansing will never be an option with O especially after EN...she would sting me up by my fingernails.

Anyhoo, my two cents based on one article, two glasses of wine and pure exhaustion!
I will agree with Dusty and Crohnsinct. I think it's false and the mucous Grace has is a protective barrier because of inflammation, ulcers, etc. Get rid of those and the mucous should clear up.