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Mucus and bleeding while on Remicade and Imuran

My son has had three infusions and has been on the imuran since the second infusion about 5 weeks ago. He started having mucus a few times a day not related to bowel movements. Today he passed blood a couple times and called his GI. She wants him to come in Monday for blood work and said they will see if they need to adjust his meds. He is on 150 imuran and I believe was to increase it after this blood test if all is okay. I am very concerned because he was feeling very "healed" up until last week. So disappointing and concerning to think this might not be the combo for him. Any thoughts please?

This will be his first 8 week infusion on Feb 1st. Is it that he can't go 8 weeks between them? The mucus/blood came after about 5 weeks. I know I read some can't make it longer.
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My daughter has had two infusion treatments of Remicade and she also has had some blood recently. The doctor told us that it was okay.
I am on Remicade and have had three infussions and I have mucus in my stool. It has always been an issue not a side effect of the drug.