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Mucus or blood leakage

Does anyone with crohns or UC ever get random small amounts of mucus or blood leakage randomly when not going to the washroom? Thank you for your time.


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Do you have an abscess, fistula or possibly hemorrhoids? Anal leakage of stool is possible but specifically blood or mucus might suggest a possible abscess or fistula. When was your last colonoscopy or even rectal exam? Have you had either since these symptoms started?


Crohn's here, exactly random amount of leakage of mucus with even smaller amount of blood mixed together. Not even close how much more it was before medical treatment. So i don't give it much attention.
Thank you for your responses. I have ulcerative colitis and currently waiting on results to see if I have crohns. I have had multiple scopes and exams and have been told a while back that I had mild proctitis. I went to see a surgeon and they didn’t seem concerned about any hemorrhoids that I have. So I was curious if anyone else had that kind of thing happen. I have never had this issue until about a year or so now and been trying to figure it out. Thank you for your time.

Lady Organic

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Definately possible. I have disease in the rectum, UC type of inflammation. The mucus and the blood form and accumulate alone in the rectum in the inflammatory process, when there is disease activity. Passing gaz for instance, several times a day, can become a challenge when disease is active in the rectum, with high risk of ''accidents''. I only pass gaz on a toilet whenever I am sick, to avoid accidents.
This means your rectal disease is active and needs a treatment and monitoring for life with a GI. If I understand correct you dont have a GI? A gastroenterologist must be appointed to you and for the long term, CD or UC, you have to push for this if they dont offer it. A doctor who knows you and your pattern of disease and to give you optimal treatment based on each observations, not a new doctor each time.
If the muscles of the anal sphicter are not very toned this can be a cause of leakage too, even if gaz is not forcing its way out. Remission of disease activity will fix the problem. But if this would become a long term problem or difficulties acheiving remission, a physical therapist could help with Perineal and Pelvic Rehabilitation. They are the specialist of the fonctionnal issues of the anal muscles.