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Mum considering Cimzia for her rheumatoid arthritis. I really worried about some possible side effect...

I heard of lymphoma (a cancer) being a possibility of emerging from taking Cimzia.

If anyone would be so kind to share there thoughts/opinions on this please. I'd be most grateful for your comments.

Hope to read some posts this topic recieves.


The risk of lymphoma is so incredibly small. It is scary, but when you think of how rare it is, that helps. If Cimzia helps you take control of your Crohn's, then I think it is worth it. This is just my opinion, though.
My GI said that Cimzia is one of the safer options compared to Humira and other meds. They all have their risks though.
I also have rheumatoid arthritis and cimzia was prescribed to me. I took my first dose yesterday and had a severe allergic reaction. Didn't work for me but xeljanz from Pfizer did. I want to get pregnant so I had to stop taking it. Good luck to you and your mom.