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Mum to teen with crohns

Hiya all

I found you as my daughter recently joined and she is in hospital with a flare (silverlady) She is 13, and was diagnosed exactly 2 years ago. It took months to get a diagnosis, she had EN on her legs, stunted growth, mouth ulcers,tummy pain, fevers/chills and joint pains. When diagnosed she did an 8 week modulen course.

The flare she is having now happened quite quickly and is the worst since diagnosis. She has had a really had time the last few days, today though is managing to take E028 by tube and is steadily increasing the amounts. Not sure what the plan is yet, but i know she found the support here very helpful (thankyou).

shelley :)

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Hi Shelley :bigwave: your daughter is a super person and we are glad to have her on board. She is so young and to be going through this in her teens is so rough, physically and emotionally. Hopefully her Gi will get her relief soon, no one likes to suffer. How can anyone survive on modulen... I couldnt go one day. But I have to lose weight not gain. Bowel rest is important. Please keep us updated on how she is doing.

Thanks for being a great and supportive mom, it means alot! Give her hugs for us ok!:ghug:
Hi Shelley,

It's good to have you both on this site. I wish it had existed when I was 13 and going through the same things! Your daughter is a joy to have on here and you must be proud of how strong she is despite everything she's going through :)


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Welcome, Shelley! Your daughter is truly amazing. You must be very proud of how strong and mature she is. I sure hope things turn around for her quickly. We all are crossing our fingers for her!

Crohn's Mom

Hi Shelley ! You're little girl is simply a ray of sunshine around here :)

I hope the NG tube does the trick for her :)
Keep us posted and hang in there !

big hugs,
Thankyou :)
she is still in and doing really well letting the nurses increase the rate she takes the E028, i think today she will be up to 2000mls which is a huge increase from last week when all she would have was a little bit of modulen. Speaking to docs today to find out what they have planned x
Hello Shelley and welcome..
Send her our best and blessings...
We all need so much support..
Take care..