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Muscle Pain with Humira

I am on a roll today - second Humira post in the last couple of hours. I have always had a lot of joint pain with my Crohn's but lately I have noticed that I have muscle pain in my legs. I have only been on Humira for 6 weeks (3 doses). It NEVER occured to me that the pain in my legs, which aren't in the joint but on the top of my thigh, could be from Humira. I re-read the brochure tonight and saw this listed on the "call you doctor if you experience" list. I will definitely call my doctor on Monday, but do you think I should be worried and try to get through over the weekend? Anyone else have this? I usually don't have side effects with meds, but this one has me a bit spooked. Any thoughts or even encouragement would be great. Yikes!

Hi Beth,

No, never had that problem. You've already posted about a possible cold, may e it's all related and not a side effects at all? Why don't you just treat it like a cold for now I.E. rest, fluids, Paracetamol and if it's really not improving by Monday call your GI? Obviously if things take a turn for the worse, then seek proper medical advice straight away.

The leaflet that comes with Humira makes pretty frightening reading, but from my experience and what I've read, serious problems are pretty rare so don't worry too much. I've posted a link to an information sheet produced by a group that I blong to - Crohn's & Colitis UK. It's makes for much easier reading and it has been medically reviewed, so I trust it to be accurate.


Take care,

Could just be a reaction to the injection. The pamphlet mentions pain/swelling at injection site which can happen with any injection. But, you should definitely call the doctor if you think it is abnormal - better safe than sorry.