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Musical Pentasa

My Butt Hurts

Does anybody else shake their pentasa like a maraca before they take it??
Umm.. I don't, I was just wondering if you do.
(yeah right)
LOL!!! Um............I don't shake them either...........:redface:

OK, so I do! And so do my kids when I take them at supper time. I can hear the little beads shaking around as I swallow them as well. Now THAT'S strange!

I will join you in your little maracca band and I will do so proudly!!!:lol:

So you're a music teacher? I went to college for 2 years to become a music teacher, but the music theory was too hard for me and I couldn't get it. I then became a medical assistant and later an EMT. AFter all my autoimmune issues surfaced earlier this year, I had to stop being an EMT as well. :(
My Entocort pills are like little maracas too! I do shake my pills sometimes...like the comedian Ben Morrison said you gotta have fun with it somehow.
I have been taken pentasa for years.2x4 daily.
Dont really understand why tho but my GI says I have to take them.

They too get stuck in my throat daily...Yuck
my nephew shakes all of my pill bottles, but the pentasa bottle is his favorite - i guess cos it's the biggest. you're not alone!
i shake bottles of pills, hoping that they will break and become smaller.

or disappear entirely. :)