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Must see video! Possible cause of crohn's???


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I'm flopped out on sofa, been watching and pausing for pooos, lol, and i am amazed. This is so interesting, its worse than a horror film.

Thanks for the link, Mr. I hope others watch this too. Its so scarey.

Best wishes.
Not exactly true. Not everyone would get sick. It is just like when the plague came about, not everyone got it, some were protected my their genetic background due to having certain chromosones that protected them. The same likely applies here.

I will say that YES, YES, YES, the food that people are eating today ( processed, genetically mutated) is definitely causing health issues out there. People with gluten sensitivities have more than tripled in the last few years! This is because they are now cross breeding wheat with a type of weed that in not digestable to the human gut! Eventually you will even see more and more people having issues. The sad thing is , it is all about money!!!! The wheat farmers want more product and they want it quicker! So they cross bred the wheat with a weed and now it grows twice as fast and in abundance, which means more money for them! But is also means more and more people are going to be having issues.

Even my dad said that yeah, there were some kids with allergies in his day, but NO where like it is today. I mean the peanut allergy has spiked unbelievably. Different diseases like celiacs, IC, crohns, UC, MS, lupus, they are all spikeing in numbers. More and more people are getting sick, it is true. I do think genetics can play a part. Like I said earlier, there are some who are protected by certain chromosones. I once worked with a lady who went through a divorice with her husband. Well he started seeing some some guy who had AIDS. Well my co-workers ex-husband at this point, him being a doctor, he had himself tested and knew he could never get AIDS. He had a certain chromosone that protected him against the Virus. Interestingly, most people who have this chromosone do not get sick with these diseases that we have today. I watched a documentary on this a few months ago. For some reason there is this chromosone( the same one that protected certain people who held this chromosone when the black plague was at it's peak). Well these people just did not get sick. I think they were saying that this chromosone is like a shield that protects your immune cells somehow. They are still doing studies on it. But this would explain why some people out there just will not get sick with certain diseases. I swear my dads mom must of had this gene( chromosone). She was NEVER sick. Even my dad said that he Never saw his mom really sick. I mean she would get an occasional cold,but that was about it( and she hardly got colds as it was).

They are saying they are trying to develop a drug that works similar to this chromosone. They are using it on people with AIDS right now in trials I believe. I guess they figure that if a person had AIDS and is near death well they have nothing to lose. They interviewed a guy who had AIDS on that documentary and the guy said he was near death with AIDS. well he went into this trial and started taking this drug and he has been great for the last 10 years. Not sure what this drug is called, I just remember watching it on I believe it was the history channel of something.

Anyhow, Mr. Ziggy, I found your post really interesting. I truely do believe that a lot of illnesses are being caused or really helped along by all the crap that is in the food and even by some of the drugs the Big Pharma are dishing out to people. It is scary!

QUOTE=hainman;530536]interesting but if this was the cause,surelly everyone would be developing the same illness's[/QUOTE]
I had Crohns symptoms briefly when I was a young man, on two occasions. Neither lasted very long, and I was never diagnosed.

Twenty five years later, I get hit with symptoms again.

Surely, there are one or more reasons it both stayed in remission and came back.
GM food is one possibility of why a disease in remission for over two decades became a permanent fixture in my life.

I do not believe GM food caused my disease, but some of it certainly has all the properties to make my symptoms worse.

What bothers me more than anything else is the fact that we are all being experimented on, without our consent. Your children are being fed food which has never been eaten by humans before and there is no practical way to avoid it



Interestingly, most people who have this chromosone do not get sick with these diseases that we have today.
I think the chromosome is called a strong and healthy Immune system:).

I've watched this film about three times already and it is very disturbing how much power these corporations really have. If the FDA allows this obvious poison into our food systems, what else are they allowing... and more importantly what are they holding back?

I absolutely believe that GMO's can be the cause for many cases of IBD. I mean there has been this meteoric rise in cases of IBD since the 1990's... and coincidentally GMO's were first introduced in the mid 1980's.

Whether or not GMO's cause IBD, they sure as hell are causing other issues so we need to get mad, and work together to have GMO's labeled or better yet banned. California had a ballot initiative to label GMO's but unfortunately it failed. However the nation is now talking about GMOs and eventually this nation will label GMO's it's just a matter of when.

No honestly, they have found that there are people out there with a certain chromosone that other people do not have. These people with this certain chromosone cannot get a lot of these different diseases(Aids, lupus, crohns, MS, etc...) They are protected. ( wish I had this gene!!)

I think the chromosome is called a strong and
healthy Immune system:)