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My 2nd battle with Crohns

I have had the worst past 3 weeks wit my crohns. first off ive been on medical leave from work with out pay per my doctor so that isnt helping. Ive been experiencing a ton of weight loss about 30lbs in 4 months, plus ive had blood in my stool. so my doctor orders a ton of tests and the first of course is blood work. that wasnt bad by now im used to needles, then i had to do a colonoscopy that go lightly stuff is miserable I was up ALL night going. but the results of that were inconclusive (yay me right?!?) So then he orders a TB test to start me on remicade, that was a day from hell i was ran all over the hospital for 2 hours because people didnt know where i had to go to have the test so finally they call someone to come down from a doctors office, and when someone came down they did it right in the waiting area for everyone to see, the burning sensation was miserable. Then they ordered 2 other blood tests. and yesterday I had the worst test i think ive ever experienced in my entire life. it was the ct test thing where they make u drink that air stuff its like poprocks and water. wow was that hard to swallow and they dont let you burp for like 10-15 minutes. then they made me take two huge gulps of barium while theu pushed this xray cone thing in to my stomach. then after that they left me in a room for like 20 mins to finish off this concentrated amount of barium. I used to think the laxative was bad, but id take that any day over the concentrated barium. it was like trying to drink really thick paint. it was like only a quarter of a glass and i had SOOOO much trouble getting it to go down. then they did more xrays. and about every 10-15 minutes they took me in for more xrays. By the time it was all finished I was at the hospital for about 3 hours. I never want to do that test again. the thin barium doesnt even compare to the thick stuff., but as of now im waiting for the test results so I guess we'll see. My doctors trying to figure out where the crohns has spread. he thinks its now in my small bowel. when i was diagnosed it was in my teminal illium. Im hoping it hasnt spread no matter how many tests ive gone through it would just be nice to know i went though them for nothing lol. So Im keeping my fingers crossed. Anyone else ever had that type of CT/Xray test?


:eek: OH MY MIKE ... I must admit that I'm praying for you dear sir !! Everything that you have said at the top in your post sounds like what my husband has gone through. Broken down in a nutshell here is what he has been through ...

1. Every 2 months he goes in for his REMICADE TREATMENT - which goes on for 4 hours & the only effect is that his eyes are a bit fuzzy after he is done.

2. He was visiting his GI SPECIALIST every 2 months too but since his last check up the DOCTOR told him that he does not have to come in for 6 months which means he returns in September for a check up. Because things were going really well.

3. He has LOST a total of 40 POUNDS since all of this started for him & so he is looking good but I am really scared that if he looses anymore my loving hubby might end up in the hospital again & I really do not want to see that happen. :(

4. He has only had 1 CT SCAN & that was in the very beginning when he first found out. But, back in January he had to go in every month for x - rays :thumbdown: & he had to DRINK that awful stuff & so we had long waits there to see if things were going down the right places.

5. Thank goodness he has not found any BLOOD in his stools so I am praying that does not happen !!

So, my friend ... I am really going to be keeping you in prayer that all goes well for you & do keep us posted & me too. Take care !!