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My Apologies to Prednisone

I've complained about the side effects since the day I started Prednisone. Ben't but I hav not bleed in over a week and my blood levels are going up.

Yesterday I forgot my Prednisone. (i know its bad but I broke my ribs and got sidetracked with that)

Last night I started bleeding and diarrhea then remembered I had missed my dose. I won't miss it again.

Prednisone, sorry I misjudged you for hu and didn't give you a chance. Thank you helping me get well.

However, I am still a little upset you made me gain 14 lbs and won;t let me sleep.
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ele mental leprechaun
Sometimes its very hard to see the wood for the trees in relation to pred!

We love the fact it helps us and hate what it does to us emotionally and physically!

Hang in there heartofwisdom you will get there. Keep posting too! Hope you are starting to feel a bit better overall.

Pen said:
I have a love/hate relationship with Pred too, but now down to 20mg and it is coming baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Short term like 6*8 weeks is fine once a year, it is long term and often is not good. If you forget anything, DONT FORGET CALCIUM~ Especially females.

I cant take calcium ... worse runs ever
Back when I first started Pred I wrote a couple blog posts about it on my website.

At first I _loved_ it. Then I started to hate it but without it I would have been in really bad shape. I guess the sleeplessness and acne and hair falling out was better then going to the bathroom 10-20 times a day.

It really is a miracle drug in what it can do for the human body to help it heal, only if they could reduce the sides that come with it.
Yep, on 40MG right now after the latest unpleasantness over the holidays. Followup on the 10thof Feb to discuss the longer term plan.

As I have been saying to people who are asking me how I feel right now, "There's almost nothing that Prednisone cannot fix for a month." I am about three weeks in, and the acne and attitude are coming out :) S'ok - it's keeping me upright and eating and working, so I do what we all do....grin and take it :)

Just wait until your teeth get all f'd up, your bone density starts dwindling, you go crazy, the insomnia sets & you get diabetes.

Yeah, prednisone is a wonder drug. :rolleyes: