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My baby boy has arrived

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know my baby boy is here! He came 6 weeks early on April 6, via c-section. He was 4lbs 3oz and 17.5 inches long. He has been in the NICU since he was born because he was early and so tiny, but he finally came home on Saturday!!! He is already 5 lbs and is just doing so well. He never even had to have any breathing assistance! His name is Cotton Patrick, its a family name....
I am doing pretty good. I would say I have been having a mild flair up since about a week after he was born. I have been feeling pretty good considering. The stress of having to go back and forth to the hospital has not helped, we live about 30 minutes away. I am at the hospital now about to get my Remicade infusion so hopefully I will be feeling a whole lot better!!! I will try to post a picture if I can figure it out!

I know the feeling of having a baby in the NNIC unit, our son was 10 weeks early and weighed 3 and 1/2 pounds. He was in for 8 weeks. It's very stressfull going into the hospital all day and night, but so worth it when he got home.

He's doing fantastic now, he'll be 3 next week.

Congratulations again. :)
Congratulations! I know it's stressful, but you must be really excited too, huh? Best wishes for you and your family. :)
lol i only just posted in your other thread wishing you good luck :D

well done! and big congrats :D awww i just love little babies... makes me all broody, until i remember the sleepless nights & nappies & searching for dummies at 3am..... hehe
Congratulations and I love the his names you chose, the 2 go really well together...one thing I found was it seems shortly after you have a baby you close your eyes and all the sudden they're teenagers (a very intersting stage and I swear I wasn't anything like they are when I was a teen LOL).


My Butt Hurts

Congratulations!! Isn't it amazing??
Take tons of pictures and videotape that little man too, you can never have too many.
Hope your Remi kicks in quickly and you continue to feel good.

My Butt Hurts

Awwwww! So sweet!!! I love his lucious little lips!

And the pic wasn't too big. Even if it was though - we wouldn't care. He's soooo cute!
Such a cutie....Congrats!!!!

He only came early to let you know from now on HE is running the show!!

What baby ever cares about a due date...lol

I hope you are feeling better.

C-sections can be hard, I've had three, although they can be easier then a vaginal birth with all that pushing with CD.