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My birthday is next week.......

....and I really want to cheat and have red meat, French fries, cake and ice cream!!!! If I do it, will I have a flare up again? I haven't cheated since I found out I had crohns this past January. I have had a couple mini flares but nothing like what I experienced prior to my diagnosis. I started remicade in February but my body was building antibodies too fast, so I'm on a larger dose every four weeks. So I'm not sure how well the remicade is working (they will retest in September).

Should I go for it? Or should I just have cake and call it a night? What have you all done for your birthdays? What happens if you have a cheat meal?
I'd say red meat and a cake should not be a problem.

French fries are harder to digest, but still, one meal should'nt trigger a

It depends on where is your inflammation, colon or small bowel. Usually crohn's in the small bowel is not too sensitive to the food you eat.

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Red meat for me is a BIG no no and I stay totally away from it. So, I would say not to even try it. Are you alright with french fries? If you're not sure, I'd only try a very few instead of going french fry crazy! Sounds like the birthday cake would be alright though...
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It's hard to ask the advice of others on which foods will trigger a Crohn's flare. None of those foods bother me, but they could very well bother others. Seems like everyone is different, especially on dietary questions. Bottom line is it's your call.

And Happy birthday.
My birthday is coming next week. I can't make a party with my family, so I want to at least order some delicious food. Of course, I understand that a lot is forbidden, since I do not want to have issues. But everything is worth in to make some pleasure for yourself, you need to appreciate the happy moments. For my sister's birthday, I ordered a wonderful gift basket with five wines from California and an abundance of gourmet food, from this service jetgiftbaskets.com. I'm thinking of ordering a gift basket for me too, but with another composition. I think about chocolate and birthday cake, I don't think there will be any problems with that. I would like to hear what you are doing on your birthday now.
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