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My body shuts down once a week.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I started to take Humira in 2010 and slowly it stopped working so I was on a weekly dose. After every injection about a couple of days later my whole body would shut down and I would be in bed unable to do anything. This went on for years until I switched to Stelera a few years back. I take this injection every 6 weeks on Monday and again like clock work on Tuesday sometimes Wednesday too my body just shuts down and I can't do anything except sleep. I have no idea what's going on. I've been to sleep specialists, med management doctors, and even had a CT scan of my brain that showed nothing wrong. I can't seem to break the cycle

my little penguin

Staff member
Have they checked your inflammation bloodwork just prior to your shot ??
Definitely let your doc know
Ds gets tired 24 hours after his shot
But not so tired that he can’t function