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My Chemical free journey... Eczema!

Going chemical free at my house has been my latest challenge. I have been reading a lot on SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and the other chemicals and preservatives we have been rubbing all over ourselves and bodies for a lifetime.

Did you know they use SLS to induce skin inflammation in laboratory animals? Thre is a ton of research about it in the medical library/pubmed. Well over 1000 studies. Anyway I have decide to remove chemicals from the household primarily the following...

Body wash
Hand Soap
Dish Soap
Dishwasher machine Detergent
Laundry Detergent

If you look online you will find a ton of conflicting information. Regardless of the carcinogen claim which are stated to be false. I really don't want to rub something all over my eczema prone kid that induces skin irritation in medical studies.

I will post my few recipes I an currently trying. I plan to convert all of these items and will let you know how the end result was.

The first and formost ingredient I know and trust 100% at this time is Dr. Bronners Magic Soap unscented baby formula. Love it!

In the USA the organic shampoos claiming to be all natural are not regulated. They can slap any label on it and totally do it legally. So read the ingredients, and they do tend to cost a lot of money to have less chemicals in them, all bottled products have some sort of a preservative which is a chemical so you cannot go chemical free with it.

Also you need to refriderated if you make your own and make small batches because I do not use a preservative, I take the risk of it expiring. So I make enough only for a week usually if using food that can expire in my homemade stuff.

Disclaimer: I am not a chemist. Use at your own risk. The rules are simple, follow the expiration labels on all ingredients and refriderate if any ingredent recommends it or find a safe chemical preservative. ;)
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Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipe:
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk (I used the boxed variety) if your hair is thin you might want to try adding half Almond milk. I use a half and half ratio
1/3 cup Liquid Castille Soap (I use Dr. Bronners Baby liquid)
1/2 of a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil

Optional: 20 drops of Essential Oils of Choice (I used peppermint, it tingles) change it up depending on whom your are making it for. I would use a fruity one for the kids. This is not tear free. I wouldn't use until I tried it regular on the eczema for a couple days. Test your oils first before using them for eczema.

For dry hair: you can add More Oils like Coconut or Almond oil or use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. You might want to add essential oils to the Vinegar though because it is stinky and if your hair gets wet it will smell like vinegar all over again. I would rinse it out, but you don't have to. I don't have dry hair so I don't add this or use Vinegar, but if you do let me know how it worked out for you.

I don't use a conditioner, I use Moroccan Argon Oil.

REFRIDGERATION REQUIRED. My Almond milk says one week but I always drink my almond milk for longer than that and it is not rancid. Lasted for 2 weeks using it for my whole family of 4. 1 shaved bald man and 3 girls.

Directions: Shake well before use. I have short hair I use about a teaspoons. Soak hair thoroughly rub though hand and distribute evenly tapping your hair firstall over the place, then scrub you scalp/ Lather. You actually do have to put more effort in because it is SLS free. It does bubble up. ;) Not that bubbles are what make you clean but some people require this to feel clean.

I do wash my hair everyday cuz I am a oily mess usually. It has been 2 weeks an I get compliments all the time because my hair is super shiny. I also have thin hair and I don't use product anymore at all because it has helped thicken my hair up a bit. BONUS!

According to the Internet if might take a while before your body stops over producing scalp oil and in a month I shouldn't have to wash my hair daily. I always have wash it daily though because I had to. Time will tell.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. Oh and you save a ton of $$$$.
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Thanks I try to buy all my bath products at Whole Foods. Not just shampoo, body wash, hand soap but also toothpaste. It's terrible all the chemicals we are exposed to and who knows the long term damage.

I like Giovanni Cosmetics. They are a little pricey but vegan, natural and smell and feel delicious. They have a whole line of products.
Body Wash

One foaming soap dispenser
Fill 1/4 Dr. Bronners Baby Magic Soap
Fill 1/4 Distilled Water
Essential Oil of you liking (optional)

Two pumps onto a puff or washcloth and enjoy. I only wash the dirty areas.

I now use unrefined coconut oil to moisturize.... use a stick or spoon so you don't taint it with your hand though. ;) test the coconut oil before using for eczema.

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Laundry Soap

For those suffering from eczema... Give this try... Detergent free

3/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap Liquid
1/2 cup Super Washing Soda (Arm and Hammer)
1/2 cup Baking Soda

Fill a two gallon bucket with about 5 cups hot water (must be very hot water of the powders will not dissolve well)
Dissolve the Baking Soda well
Dissolve the Super Washing Soda
Fill bucket to 2 gallon marker with cold water.
Add the Dr. Bronners Castile Soap LAST (or it will be too bubbly!)
Mix without shaking with a long spoon or whatever is handy.

Pour contents into you well rinsed old laundry containers. Yields 2 gallons/96 loads.
I use 1/3 cup per load.


Essential oils are completely optional I like lavender personally.
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Ah yes, the joys of soap making.

Dr. Bronner's is a good quality Castile soap, but it's actually more expensive than others. Walgreen's sells another brand that's seems to work just as well, at half the price.

Castile soap though is nothing more than olive oil and lye. Unfortunately, it's really difficult to buy lye these days because most hardware stores will no longer sell it--yeah, yet another product that's being taken off the market because it's a primary ingredient in the manufacture of meth amphetamine.

You can buy lye from soap making sites on the Internet, but then you might risk getting on an FBI watch list as a potential drug manufacturer.

but fortunately, lye is just water and wood ash, and you can make your own from the ashes in fireplace or campsite. there are these contraptions you can run it through multiple times, but alternatively, you can just put a bunch o ashes in water, let sit for a week or so, stirring occasionally until an raw egg floats, half submerged.

Of course, you want to keep vinegar handy in case any of the lye gets on your skin. Pouring water on it only makes it burn worse, while vinegar neutralizes it. (Remember the scene from Fight Club? It's true!)

Then you just filter it, add olive oil, and you have Castile soap! For liquid soap, you use soft wood ashes, such as pine or poplar, and for bars, use hard wood ashes, such as oak or walnut.

You can actually use any oil, or even lard. Bacon drippings work as well. I won't repeat what they used in "Fight Club", but sure, that works too.

You only need to add essential oils if you want it to smell nice,or in a certain way.

Caution with adding/using borax in laundry soap because apparently, there are claims it interferes with sperm production, but that might also a good thing for some.

An alternative to laundry detergent I've been wanting to try is "soap nuts", which are just a fruit that apparently does not require anything else. You just tose a couple of soap nuts in a small bag, and add to your laundry. They can be reused 4-5 times, and are relatively inexpensive -- $15 for 1/2 lb on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/NaturOli-Soap...UTF8&qid=1375257218&sr=1-2&keywords=Soap+nuts
Yeah I don't mess around with the chemical part so I will keep lye making and it use to the professionals.

I loved Fight Club... One of my favorite books turned big screen. ;):thumleft:
Thank you for starting this thread and posting recipes! Since May 2014 I've slowly educated myself on essential oils and natural healing.
For eczema I made this calendula salve for my daughter and it's working wonders (FYI Do not use calendula if you're pregnant or allergic to ragweed - test on healthy skin before applying to affected areas).

- Start off with less beeswax to make the salve softer and easier to apply.
- You can also add 1/4 tsp of Vitamin E which has fantastic healing agents for the skin AND acts as a natural preservative. :)

The Nerdy Farm Wife - Calendula Oil & Salve {If you scroll down her page you'll find a link to her free e-book on calendula. She also has one for lavender.}


*I'm not a doctor, just a mom and this salve worked for my little girl. :)