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My Colonoscopy today

I had a colonoscopy this morning. The doctor found inflammation at the surgery site, but not too bad. He also found polyps, which is new for me. I guess I'm getting to that age.

They had the normal sedation. I asked about the letter I got describing a shortage of it. The nurse said the shortage is pretty much resolved, but they still send the letters just in case they don't have it on the day of the test.

I woke up fine, came home, at a snack and drank some water, then took a nap. I woke up 3 hours later, and my head was pounding. All of a sudden, I had projectile vomiting. My husband called the endoscopy center, and the nurse there said to go to the ER as I was probably suffering a side effect from the sedation and was dehydrated, so I needed some IV fluids. By this time, I was very dehydrated, confused and still vomiting.

Fortunately, at the ER, I was seen right away. They gave me 2 bags of fluids and some anti-nausea medication (I can't remember the name).

Now I'm super tired and will be going to bed after my husband makes me some dinner.
I hope your sedation side effects don't last too long. Fairly good news, then. Do you think they will give you something to keep that inflammation under control?
Actually, since this is huge improvement, I'm going to stay on the Mercaptopur, provide my liver tests don't get any worse.
:hug::Karl:So sorry Linda! I never heard of that before! Did they use the usual meds to put you under or maybe something different that caused this? Anyway, go rest and feel better soon!