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My Crohns Forum Reunion

Hi all,

Some of you may remember me, some of you may not; I posted on here for a while around a year ago while I was negotiating a fairly traumatic period of my life. I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was around 14, but wasn't aware that it was a chronic or problematic illness, as the only symptom I displayed was Orofacial Granulomatosis, a swelling of the lips and mouth common to Crohns Disease. After realising that you were meant to be monitored for Crohns I went to a GI and got myself checked out and to their surprise my innards all looked "pristine". I was told to go away for a year.

I've been away from this forum since, finding it helped me stop freaking out about Crohn's each and every day. I've still been reading, but have refused to log in since my last appointment. I intend to do the same thing after this appointment (Thursday) but thought i'd take the opportunity in the run up to see how everyone is doing?



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Hi Jordan, I certainly do remember you! :) Thanks for stopping in and saying hi. I'm glad to hear that you're doing okay and I hope your appointment goes well.

I guess I can join you in the "pristine innards" club. :p I fell out of remission about a year ago. At my last colonoscopy, I was still having some symptoms but my insides all looked perfect (I saw the photos after my scope, they're so pretty I could frame them, ha ha). But I was not satisfied and didn't feel like I was in remission even though things looked good, so now I'm back on Entocort and trying to get myself back into remission. I'm still exercising a lot which I think is helping too (at the very least, it's helping with stress relief & depression and all that stuff). So that's where I'm at, somewhere in that odd place between flare and remission, hopefully on my way torwards remission, and doing okay for the most part.
Hey Cat and David, good to hear from you both.

Cat, i'm so sorry to hear you fell into a flare, that must have happened just after I stopped looking on here as much. Still, i'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. I took your advice in the end and tried taking psyllium for my poorly formed bm's, it worked like magic....for four days... then out of nowhere just stopped working, placebo effect? I'm really glad to hear from you, well done for sticking to the gym, that's something i've not managed to keep up =/

David, it remains to be seen how i'm looking on the inside, but that was how it looked last year and I don't really feel any different now, so fingers crossed! Also currently gluten, soy and milk free as of ten days ago, so hopefully that'll be good for me.

I have to admit, I still haven't matured enough that the idea of going on medication doesn't absolutely petrify me. In fact just thinking about it makes my palms sweat, but believe it or not that's a vast improvement on last year!