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My crohns funny for the day

So I'm in a flair and currently going through my 4th round of c-diff this year... nice I know.
my very funny elderly aunt calls me this evening. We are talking about this and that while I'm on the sofa when I feel.... THE CRAMP!

So I tell her I have to go... it dose't register with her. Again I'm getting louder now as I struggle to get out of the reclining position that I REALLY HAVE TO GO!
No..no she has just one more thing to tell me, at this point I am running down the hall, one hand holding the bottom of my shorts. Yelling, "oh sh!t, oh sh!t, oh sh!t!" (Yes I don't know why i didn't just hand up) I can't get on potty. It's too late, so I jump into the tub and hang up.

Five min later, here comes aunt through front door with the broom. She thought I was being robbed! 😂😂😂 only to find me in a puddle in the shower...

At least I had a laughable moment, what was my 70 year old aunt gonna do with a broom to a robber, but at least she didn't call the police to come in!
Anyone else got a funny moment?


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My dad throws snowballs at the deer and he just waves his hands, the deer barely even move. They eat all our shrubs and bushes. Twenty years ago you had to go out by the forest's edge to find a deer.


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Woops, you'd be surprised what a 70 year old lady can do to a robber! A lady who I used to work with, she's about 70, and her house got broken into a few years ago by some teenage boys while she was out of town. One of the boys was still in the house when this lady arrived home. The boy didn't hear her enter the house, so she quietly and calmly picked up a cast iron frying pan, snuck up behind the boy, and hit him in the head with it! Wow! I guess he was okay but that sure had to hurt, cast iron is really heavy stuff. So yeah, don't mess with those old ladies, they'll surprise you with how tough they are!