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My daughter has crohns

my daughter has crohns

Hi my daughter has an ileostomy and is having an ileoscopy tomorrow at 1pm
I am worried about the preperation she has been asked to take by the IBD nurse. She has to take picolax at 6pm tonight and 6am tomorrow and I am worried about dehydration although they have said she can drink plenty of water up to two hours before the procedure it is the preparation I am worried about.
It would be nice to hear from anyone who has had it done with an ileostomy as this is her first one since having the bag.
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Hello Karlea and welcome to the forum ..
Just wanted to say hello. I have no experience with dealing with your daughter's situation.Most IBD nurses do a fantastic job and I am sure her advice is proper, but I know that in no real consolation to you at the moment.
Someone will be along soon that can put your mind at ease..I hope all goes well for your daughter..
Take care..


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Hi Karen! I don't have any advice, but I wanted to wish your daughter luck tomorrow.

I hope all goes well!