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My Daugter Tested Positive For Covid. Reassuring Story.

Hello everyone,

Wanted to let you all know that my 15 year old daughter tested positive for covid after it being in our household.
My Daugter has crohns disease and has been on Humira for 3 years.
We would never had known she had contracted covid because the only symptom that she had was a very slight tickle in her throat that lasted just one day. Only got her tested because it was already within our household. Other than that she didn't develop any other symptoms and is absolutely fine.

Our consultant did say at the beginning of the pandemic that she was at no greater risk than any other child with or without IBD.

I know everyone reacts differently to the virus but I hope you find this reassuring.
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Glad to hear her symptoms are mild. Keep an eye on her the next couple of weeks just to make sure nothing else shows up.

This has to be one of the weirdest phenomena of modern times. It seems that no two people have the same symptoms or reaction to contracting the virus. A friend of mine thought he had a typical winter cold, goes to his doctor and gets tested, pops positive, and is told to rest in bed for two weeks. He started feeling better after a week or so. On the other end of the spectrum, a co-worker came down with what he thought was the flu. Tested positive. He continued to get worse until he had pneumonia in both lungs. Spent two and a half weeks in the hospital and is still in the process of recovering.

People are scrambling to get vaccinated, but how much is really known about the vaccine? There's no data yet for long term effects and I'm not convinced that all potential reactions to it have been documented. Until this data set is complete and there's enough information to make a decision, I'll pass.
Yes I agree it is very weird. All four members of our household had the virus at same time as my daughter, none of us had symptoms other than the tickle in the back of the throat. That prompted us to all get tested. We really would never have known we had the virus it was do mild. Over the days for the three of us it just developed into a very mild cold.

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So glad she is holding her own
But definitely watch over next few weeks
Some have gi issues pop up later

Definitely getting vaccine here but not for ibd
Ds has asthma which does not like any virus
Even the common cold causes a lot of breathing /asthma issues /flare
Flu typically means high dose steriods to “try” to keep the lungs calm .
So risks are high for him
Thank you. I am really not going to worry myself about any after effects regarding Gi issues for my daughter. As our consultant did point out that Covid is a respiratory virus so IBD patients are at no greater risk.

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Unfortunately covid can affect the blood vessels (stroke ,blood clots , Gi (inflammation- diarrhea poor absorption) skin rashes etc...,
Which system it attacks depends on the person
And they are learning more about the why every day
Most have respiratory issues but not all
Ibd patients are at no greater risk since to date they don’t know why in some it attacks other systems but not others
Age and condition don’t seem to factor in much as to why
Totally agree covid effects each person in different ways.
I just think it is very important for us parents to hear positive stories where covid is concerned rather than focusing on the what if"s s that may never happen.
I am thankful to say I have not heard of any covid sufferers who have IBD suffer any after effects with GI issues. Fingers crossed it remains that way.

My daughter is due her usual three month review in two weeks time with her consultant if we are in any doubt about after effects.