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My diagnosis

I was diagnosed the day after Easter Sunday in 1997. I started getting sick July 22, I only remember the date because my middle childs' 1st birthday party was the day before and I had a couple of beers which I normally didn't do. By Christmas, the severe cramping had started. I can remember being outside with my dad smoking a cigarette and doubling over in pain when I took a drag. I still weighed about 155 at the time. My girls were now 1 and 3 years old. I had no insurance, so I just kept going to the ER who told me to follow up with my doctor which I didn't have. I got so sick that I couldn't keep anything down for more than 10 about minutes. There was one night that I remember in particular, I was giving my girls a bath and I had to turn around and throw up after I washed one, I rinsed her, threw up, washed the other, threw up, rinsed her, threw up, got them out, dried them off, threw up, put their diapers and pajamas on and threw up again.
I am now pharmaceutical free, and follow a very strict diet. I have found out that sugar is a huge aggrevater of IBS, and any particle from milk will send me into a flair quickly. I am mostly under control and have a bachelors degree in alternative medicine and take herbs to help keep the flairs at bay.