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My feeling about crohns



my feeling about crohns

I know that many people live full lives and they have crohns. but I think the reason I reacted the way I did when my BF told me is I had no clue what crohns was. I thought he was telling me he was going to die. and I did not want that. now that I have learned what it is I still feel sad inside and yes I do fear losing him to death. It would be my wost nightmare:( but I also feel a sence of hope to. he wants to stay alive, he is getting treatment, and he is trying to find ways to make this siuation better whatever that may need to be done. I know I don't fully understand crohns but my search to better understand and maybe even help, is one of the coolest things i have ever done. I want to contiue to lean and be a help where I can be.


You should not have any fear over losing your husband to death. While Crohn's is somewhat uncommon to most, the doctors have been seeing it for years. There is no reason to think that anyone with any form of IBD will not live a very long life, and while they may have a harder time than some others, they will be able to cope and still function. The longer any one of us has to live with the disease the more we learn and are able to deal with it. No one is saying this is fun, but it is for the most part manageable. There are ups and downs, but this is something that can be lived with and dealt with.

Please continue to learn more about this and feel free to ask any questions you have at all.


Mama Crohnie
Hi Singlemom, I think Mike said it best. I personally have never heard of anyone dying from Crohns. With good medications, diet, we all learn to manage a somewhat normal life. There are more and more people being diagnosed each day with some form of IBD. We learn to cope...as it is not a Disease, like some of the more serious ones. You sound like such a lovely woman, and for you to take the time to even want to learn about Crohns..says to me you are a great lady indeed. Please don't worry..thank you so much for joining the forums with all of us. My thoughts are with you.


singlemom123 said:
I don't fully understand crohns but my search to better understand and maybe even help, is one of the coolest things i have ever done. I want to contiue to lean and be a help where I can be.

I've had Crohn's for over 20 years now and I'm only 27 I still don't fully understand everything about Crohn's. Once I think I have figured it out Crohn's throws me a curve ball. The best thing to do is try and stay informed as much as you can, don't give up hope, stay focused, and you have to be stubborn and don't let Crohn's dictate your life (the last one is for anyone that has Crohn's).


Well said Kossy... Crohn's is a very confusing disease. Unfortunately part of what makes it such a hard disease to deal with is that it is very hard to control at times. There is no guaranteed drug or method avaliable that works for everyone.


Everybody has said what I was going to say...lol. The most important thing to remember is that every Crohn's case is different. Not only that, I know in my case, the disease is constantly changing. What works for me now may not work next week. What hasn't worked in the past might work later on. You really just have to take it day by day. It's frustrating, but I know you'll be strong and not let it get you down.

Sweetie, do you mind me calling you sweetie? Because I feel like I just want to take you under my wing and protect you. I think you are such a wonderful person! I sent you my email address in a private message, by the way.

I can't imagine how you felt when you found out the man you loves has some disease you've never heard of! I think it would be very scary to say the least. I do know this tho...I would rather have it myself than to find out that someone I love has it. If I could take everybody's cases of Crohn's on myself so that everybody else would be cured, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

It takes a very special person to do what you are doing and I have to applaud and admire you! None of my ex's ever even took the time to learn how to say the name of it, much less learn anything about it. So yes, you are a wonderful person.

I just want to hug you!