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My first colonoscopy and endoscope....

my first colonoscopy and endoscope....

I'm having my first colonoscopy and endoscope on Wednesday and I'm slightly freaking out!!! The prep scares me for the colonoscopy, I was given Moviprep to drink. For the Endoscope i'm terrified that I have to swallow a tube! A part of me is excited to get this all over with, in hopes that I can start eating again. I've been on bed rest and liquids for over a month now. My blood work has been looking really good, just obviously still inflammed a little in the terminal ilieum. Can anyone give any insight in having these tests done?? Thanks!!
I haven't had an endoscope, so I can't comment on that one.

I have had two colonoscopies and they really aren't that bad. The prep is the worst part. My first one was awful, but for the second one, I was given a prep called pico-salax and it really wasn't bad at all (I've never had Moviprep). Follow the instructions you are given as best as you can. Some people are asleep for the test itself and others are awake. I was awake for both of mine and was able to watch it on the screen. I did have some pain, but nothing worse that regular crohn's pain. They will take lots of biopsies and these results will take some time, but they should be able to give you some idea of what you are looking at before you leave that day. Take it easy the rest of that day and the next day. Don't freak out too much, it will all be over before you know it.
The Moviprep is quite nasty tasting, buy some lemon squash and put lots in! Also chill it before drinking. Some people prefer to use a straw, others prefer to down it as quick as possible. It will give you diarrhoea so be prepared! Vaseline around your anus before you start (and in between each bm) and use wet wipes to clean up.

As for the scopes themselves, I have had a colonoscopy and they gave me twilight sedation (felt a bit like I was drunk). It was a little uncomfortable at times (going round the corners) but didn't really hurt. I haven't had an endoscope but my boyfriend's dad has, and he said once you have swallowed it that's the hard part over. I think they gave him a drink with it to help it go down too.

Hope that helps!


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after you have drunk the stuff, go to the toilet and stay there with a good book!!!!

you will have sedatition for the enescope, you can still hear people talking but cant feel any pain or discomfort.


I have had 9823754982754978 colonoscopies, and about 4 endoscopes... some people are sedated, some are not. With the colonoscopies, because my disease is at the very botoom of the sigmoid colon, my doctor takes pity on me and sedates me heavily...lol. the last time I had an endoscope I was also sedated, but the times before that I was not... I think a lor of that depends on the radiologist doing it.

For me, the prep is definitely the worst. As Rebecca suggested, Vaseline (or any type of barrier cream) and wet wipes are the best, but don't plan on doing anything for the rest of the day after taking the prep... lol.

Relaxing is easier said than done for sure, but best to try. Maybe some deep breathing exercies, or some type of meditation (if you are into that kind of thing, or wiling to try)..and your favorite book (or two..lol) and maybe some movies to take your mind off the rest.

Good luck. :)

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I am the same as silver, most poeple are completely out for both. My Endoscope was easy and I was out and or the forget drug. The Sigmoid I was mostly out and only felt pressure, got to see him take a biopsy..it was cool.

Never had movieprep. Can't help you there. Dont worry, getting yourself worked up over the tests are harder on you. Ask your nurse , a phone call doesnt hurt to ask and calm you down. I just tell them, give me drugs and lots of it. :hang:

Let us know the results you should know right then.
Ok I must be losing my marbles, could have sworn the op said somewhere they were in the UK!

Can't even blame the pred anymore.

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See I told ya!!! All that worrying for nothing!:ybiggrin:

Usually for just endoscopies or sigmoid, they dont do the heavy drugs but since you are having a colonoscopy and the endo, I figured they would put you out.

Not all gi's are the same, only my Gi now is the best at scopes.:ysmile:
The prep is defiantly the hardest part of a colonoscope. I suggest you go buy some extra soft toilet paper(I bought charmin ultra soft last time) it really is a big butt saver!!!:ylol2: Trust me, when you are going 346954986 once the prep kicks in, having a rough toilet paper is NOT fun. Starts to feel like sandpaper.:ywow:

I never heard of that prep, the first 3 times I did the golytely prep. 2 of them I had a NG tube put it(a whole nother' experiance in itself) and the other time I did have to drink it. Name couldnt be any more false. Its no go "lightly" its more like go "HEAVILY".

I cannot remember for the life of me what the pills for the prep I did for a scope a few years ago. You didnt have to drink anything, it was a pill prep. You had to take a ton of (horse sized) pills every 20 minutes or so(and you had a ton of pills to take) with a full glass of water. After you had to drink like a liter of ginger ail. I wasnt able to do this, I was way to sick by the end of the prep. It didnt hurt anything though. It was one of my easiar preps, as I dont do good with drinking nasty stuff. It was very easy at first, but after an hour or 2, I started to get so bloated from drinking so much water and the pills felt like they got bigger and harder to swallow each time. I wanted to do this prep again for my most recent scope, but apparently the hospital I go to won't do this anymore because it caused a few people to go into kidney failure. Gee..that would have been niced to know 4 years ago!

My most recent scope I had a month ago I did the halflytely with bisacodyl tablets. This wasnt the hardest, but sure wasn't fun. But the prep never is.:redface:

Maybe call your doctor and ask what flavor packs you can mix in with the prep. You have to stay away from any red, I know that, but I would call just to make sure its ok to do that. I would also put the prep in the fridge to cool. It helps for it to be cold, at least I found it did.

and I can't imagine having to be awake during a scope! Take that back. I don't have to imagine, because I would downright refuse to do the scope without any sedation.:eek: The last two times I was sedated with propofal, other times I dont remember, but besides one scope(another story) I dont remember a thing from any of my scopes. Thats how I prefer it! No interest in seeing the screen while they are doing it, I can see the pictures when I wake up.:ylol2:

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!!
Ya, I was out cold. The spray they put in your mouth to numb it tastes disgusting. I was in the middle of telling my GI that it tasted like "stop and Grow" I remember him laughing asking what it was and that was it. I think the fear and spray is the worst part of the endoscopy. Its a breeze!! and I feel kind of silly having worried about it.