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My first ever clean scope


Sports Crohnie
For the first time in seven years, I had a clean scope. Esophagus normal and colon only showing a couple mild ulcerations.

Nearly two years ago, I was bleeding out my butt and losing serious weight with a severly inflamed colon. Today, I'm sporting the healthiest pipes i've ever had.

Don't mean to gloat ... But I'm so happy that I needed to share. You all lift me up when I've been down and I owe all of you so much. The tips and support here have helped tremendously.

And for those of you struggling, I hope this post provides you some hope.

Now I've got to stay healthy.

Crohn's 35

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Good boy!!! Holy clean pipes batman LOL. Some good news you are not as bad as you used to be. You must be doing something right! Glad you are ok!!
That's AWESOME news Fen!!

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A big congrats to you Fen... that is awesome news something we all dream of receiving.. gives us hope that we all can get great news like that. Thanks for sharing it with us all.
It is good to see another success story. I am very happy for you, and hopefully everyone here can have the same results in time.

Congrats Fen!!! That is awesome news. Gloat away, and enjoy it! Oh heck with it, go wild. Whip out the three wolf moon shirt. :D